Saturday, September 17, 2011

Oh the People You Will Meet.....

.....when you work on Main St. part 2. Today, I will be focusing on some of my customers without whom my life wouldn't be the same. These people bring something special to my life and I am thankful to have each one of them in my life. This is is a lot more positive than last week so enjoy. But, if you want to read about some people who just tick me off, then check out last week's post

1) the sweet couple who has been faithful to us from the beginning. They bring up their families from Florida. They come in every Thursday for 1/2 price wine and get the trout or salmon. They informed us last week that they would be moving. We were all sad and cried just a little. You will be missed, Mr. & Mrs. C.

2) another great couple who are fun and fabulous Tarheel fans. I love them. For Christmas, last year, they bought me a UNC long sleeve shirt and key chain. They said that they saw it and thought of me. Now, that is a great regular. Thank you so much! They just got married last weekend and I am so happy for them! Way to go, L & L!

3) another great couple who call me their child. They invited my family and myself to their house for a cookout over the summer. They hug me whenever they see me. They gave me a great Christmas gift last year($$$$) and just went on a trip to Alaska and wanted to bring me a souvenir so I asked for an updated bear with 4 kids instead of 3. I don't doubt that they will come back with it. They are like family to me. Love to you both, L & J!

4) another couple who come see us every Friday. They are so nice. We were able to grieve with them when their son died unexpectedly. We have met their family and love them like our own. So glad that their family is migrating South for their sakes! P & J can't wait to see you next week!

5) a man who comes in whenever he is in town. He likes to come to Mezzaluna because he can eat alone and not feel conspicuous. He sometimes works late hours for a local funeral home and wants to know that he can get a good fresh meal and a beer. He has recommended us to his coworkers and they come in and tell us how much he likes us and the food. When a friend of mine lost a baby, I contacted him for help. He was so much more than accommodating. J, your kindness doesn't go unappreciated!

This is just an example of some of the great people I have the privilege of serving. They make all the other yahoos who come in more tolerable! Thanks for those of you who treat us like humans and not robots and appreciate us for a job well done! We love seeing your faces every week and are happy that you choose us!
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