Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Transparent Thursday

These are things that I confess are driving me crazy or at least somewhat zany!

1. I confess that my house is a mess. It is dusty and cluttered. I have no time to deep clean and no money to hire someone. I am enjoying my kids though, so that is important!

2. I want to kick this coach's teeth into the back of the his head! He uses his knowledge of the rules to beat down other teams to his advantage. Aaaaaggghhhh! Watch youtube! I could be on it!

3. I hate peanut butter!

4. I cannot survive without the internet! We were down for several days and I liked to drove myself crazy.

5. My dog could out run any of those horses in the Derby. He is a beast who is runs like the wind!

6. I have an amazing husband! He works hard when he can! He is a great father and an even better hubs!

7. I don't think the episode involving OBL is as neat as the administration wants us to believe it is. I think there are other things going on! Call me a conspiracy freak or whatever but I do not trust my government!

8. I hear that OBL's family is protesting the burial of their patriarch. Well, too dadgum bad! Did he consider the burial processions of the innocent people in both the Twin Towers atrocities? How about the Cole bombing? How about the bombings of the embassies in Africa? Decent burial? You are lucky that he is not passed around NY and being pissed on! I can promise that where he is right now he would gladly trade for a pass around NY! No rest for you OBL!

What are you confessing this week? Is someone getting your goat? Do you need to bless someone's heart? Comment and let me know!
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