Monday, August 8, 2011

I Am Smarter Than Stephen Hawking

The earth was created from a black hole that was also the creator of time. That being said there is no need for a grand Designer or Creator. There is no God! All that was paraphrased from a show Stephen Hawking hosted last night called Curiosity . In the show, he attempted to go back in time some 3+ billion years ago and show what happened to the earth to create it. He did all this in the name of science.
In case you live under a rock and don't know who Stephen Hawking is, according to his website he is a theoretical physicist.He has ALS and is confined to a wheel chair. He has a computer that talks through his brain. All in all, his research is pretty solid and cutting edge. He is a smart fellow.

But he really showed just how dumb he can be(can't we all) on Sunday night's show. First off, he assumed by reversing the explosion of supernovas and creations of black holes that he could recreate the "Big Bang". The trouble with that is no one has ever actually seen a creation of a black hole. They generally are just there. We can assume or guess what happens but there is no real proof of the exact process. So Hawking's guesses are just that....guesses, assumptions, scenarios, not truths. He wants us to take on faith that what he has "proven" to be true. Meanwhile, our faith in God is just a crutch on which we carefully balance hope. His option is the better of the 2, according to him.

Why? Why should I believe him? Has he ever worked a miracle in my life? Has he ever spoken to me in the darkness of night? Has Stephen Hawking ever brought peace in an impossibly difficult time? Nope, he hasn't! Only 1 has ever done that....God.

Why should there be any difficulty in believing the God of the Universe can create holes, super novas, time? If I am going to serve a God, I want Him to be all-powerful, all-knowing, ever present deity who can create and manipulate the very strands of time. Not some wimpy god who cannot exist outside the bounds of human capability. What hope is there in that?

So, Mr. Hawking, I disagree with your carefully but incorrectly thought out statement about there not being a God. I believe that you have done 1 of 2 things.
1) you have either challenged God to prove Himself to you in a very real way
2) you have chosen to close yourself off to God.

I sincerely hope that you have option 1 in your pocket. God loves you and wants to show Himself to you. I urge you, Stephen Hawking, to truly open your mind to let Him in!
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