Friday, August 5, 2011

'Fess Up Friday

Today is the day to lay it all on the line! I am confessing and while I don't normally have a theme(I just usually ramble), today I do.....GOLF! Yes, that is right, golf!

Mamarazzi over at Our Dandelion Wishes is hosting her Friday Confessional so head over and check it out! She has a great website! So here I go....

I confess that I love my husband! Not a big shocker, I know but I love him enough to take him golfing for his 38th birthday! I know, I am a saint, right?

I confess that the hubs is a great golfer. He loves it! In fact, he was SC state champion golfer in high school. Impressed? I was!

I confess that the hubs is a jock and a geek. He played all kinds of sports growing up and is a naturally gifted athlete. He can, also, work his way around a computer. Right now, he is with his geeky, guy friends playing some sort of computer game called TF2. I love having the best of both worlds. At least, they aren't at a strip club!

I confess that the guys who were staring at me while I was hitting off the tee gave me the creeps a little. They were older and 2 of them were wearing lose fitting knit pants while chain smoking. Weird! We let them play through.

I confess that I am competitive and expect to do well at everything I do the 1st time I try it. Not so much here. I did shoot 1 over par but that is only because Hubby dear gave me 2 shots per hole.

I confess that I learned something about my husband that I never knew before. He likes to talk out loud about what he did incorrectly and he doesn't necessarily expect a response. When I tried to comfort him, he testily told me that he knew that already. I didn't try to make him feel better for the rest of the course.

I confess that the aforementioned creepy dudes made me a little angry when they ashed all over the course. Bring an ashtray next time, will ya?

I confess that my husband is much more patient than I! I know, another shocker! When I would have thrown a club or gotten angry with myself, he was encouraging and offering helpful hints. He was much easier on me than he was on himself.

BIG SHOCKER!!!! I confess that I like golf. According to the hubster, I show some natural athletic ability and I've got short game. I hope that we can play again soon if for nothing else than spending time with my man!

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