Thursday, May 5, 2011

Transparent Thursday-Bless Their Heart Edition

This edition of TT is the Bless Their Hearts edition. If you aren't Southern or just plain don't know what that is, let me explain. In the South, we phrase anything that may be insulting or critical with "Bless their hearts." That just basically gives us license to say what we please and get away with it. Allow me to give you an example. I am putting on my thick Southern drawl...give me a sec.......

Ok, now, "Bless her heart but should she really have been wearing that dress with those shoes? I mean really?" Get the picture? Ok let's go!

Dweej from House Unseen, Life Unscripted, states that she ate more candy than her kids did. Well, bless my heart, so did I! Maybe I should say, "Bless my thighs!"

I am having mixed emotions about Osama Bin Laden being killed, "Bless his heart." One 1 hand I am sad because he died without knowing his Creator and Savior. The Lord, Himself, said that He didn't want any to perish. On the other hand, OBL was a horrible, evil man "Bless his heart." He slaughtered thousands of people and he deserves to rot and burn in Hell. I am conflicted! "Bless my heart."

My internet provider sucks! "Bless their hearts" they have had the most problems at my house. We have our cable and internet bundled and they have been the worst! We have been without internet since Sunday. They have agreed to refund us for the days but what about the ebay stuff I missed!

I was blessed to witness the coming home of a US Soldier who was shot down in the line of duty. He was flown into our local airport. He was then driven through town escorted by the Patriot Guard. The Patriot Guard escorts fallen soldiers until they are safely home. But the thing that got me was the helicopter that hovered over the hearse as the hero's body was safely brought home. I was blown away by the patriotism that was shown. "Bless my heart", I had no idea that people could still be so attentive! RIP SGT Terry Varnadore!

What do you have to confess? Whose hearts can you bless today?
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