Friday, June 17, 2011

If You Give a Home School Mom a Day....

If you give a Home School Mom a Day

She is going to ask for 2

When you give her 2, she is going to ask for 3.

When she has 3, she will find a place to stay.

Then she will call her friends to invite them to join her.

Some of her friends won't go, so she will journey on without them.

On the way, she will come upon a home school fair. She will buy some curricula for her students.

She will make new friends there.

She will want to look at all the books while she is there.

When she is done, she will head to the beach.

When she gets there, she'll need to change her clothes. She'll have to call home.

she and her friends will put their toes in the sand. They will search for sea shells.

When she gets to her condo, there will be dinner. Then, she will want to change into her PJs and play a game.

She and her friends will be competitive and yet learn something at the same time.

Then she will update Facebook and sleep late into the morning.

Of course when she wakes she'll realize that she has only 2 days and then 1

And chances are if you give a home school mom 1 day, she is going to ask you for more.
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