Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Santa's Riddle

Anyone else have multiple kids? Have you ever watched those kids open presents? We never see what they get among the flying paper and bouncing bows. Then, before we know it, the opening is over and no one knows what anyone else got? To stop the confusion, Santa left us a riddle to follow to open our presents. He left all the presents wrapped the same with numbers on them. This is the riddle he left laying on top of the pile of presents:

Ajay, Summie, Ella Raye, and Isabel,
Pay heed to the rules I’m about to tell.

This year I’ve decided to play a game,
The gifts are all mixed and have no name.

The presents are numbered before the TV,
And are given in love from Mom, Dad, and me.

So open them going from one to twenty,
I think you’ll enjoy this game aplenty.

Each child shall be the seeker about five times,
And I shall tell you the order in these rhymes:

1, the youngest
2, the strongest
3, the girl that smiles the longest

4, the girl with the heart of gold
5, the boy who is so bold
6, the lad who’s 4 years old
7, the lass who can spell cold

8, the one who owns Runny
9, another who sleeps with Bunny
10, the boy who is so funny

11, the chica with the loose tooth
12, the one whose friend is Ruth

13, the curly one with dark hair
14, the curly one who is so fair

15, the girl who just got new pink sneakers
16, the girl with the most curious peekers
17, the boy whose diapers have no more reekers
18, the little one with the cute chubby cheekers

19, with ella, bela
19, with bela, ella

I love you, Santa

Our kids watched while each of their siblings opened 1 present. Each present was oohed and aahed over. Always looking for educational opportunities, they had to read and then use deductive reasoning to figure out the answer to the riddle. We had a great time and knew in the end what each child got. I believe that this is a tradition that will continue! I hope that you all had a great Christmas!
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