Wednesday, February 9, 2011

10 Reasons Why I Hate Wal Mart!!!!!!!!!

I know, I know, Wal Mart is great but does anyone else get annoyed when going there? They are one of the largest employers in the country and I have family that works there. That being said: here are the reasons I hate shopping there!

10: They don't double coupons. Why? I don't know!

9: I am easily distracted by all the other stuff in the store and can't just grocery shop.

8: People drive the wrong way in the parking lot. Ahhhhhhhhhh! Why can't they just paint them straight?

7: The massive amounts of screaming children! I don't take mine in and if I did I would not allow them to scream like that!!!

6: I always have to stand in line. There are 27 registers and only 2 open. Sometimes I catch a break and the self-check is open(see #5).

5: The self-check is not for everyone. Some people cannot and should not be allowed to operate this simple machine. Don't get me started on the 20 item or less register!

4: Crazy people! Some who work there and some who shop there. They are walking around mumbling to themselves, missing shoes, showing thongs, and yelling at people.

3: The bathrooms are always closed when I am there.

2: The carts that people drive around go soooooo slow! I know they are necessary but like the person in front of me driving 25 in a 45, it drives me nuts!

1: People who park their carts in the middle of the aisles so that no one else can get down the aisle. When you ask them to move, they look at you with that dazed look in their eye. I have been known to move their carts for them.
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