Friday, July 29, 2011

'Fess Up Friday


Time once again for the 'Fess Up Friday confessions. I have had 2 weeks off and so I am so ready to get some things off my chest. You have been warned! Mamarazzi is hosting this crazy party so hop on over and join her!

I confess that teen shows are annoying. I mean even more annoying than Yo Gabba Gabba The plots are almost all the same and don't even get me started with the content! That will be a whole other post.

I confess that I love love love the smell of Fruit Loops! I don't know! They smell like childhood and innocence.

I confess that I sometimes want to quit dieting. I mean I am trying so hard and some people just eat what they want and are getting bigger with no seeming remorse. I just want to give up but alas I have lost some weight this week so I will keep on keeping on!

I confess that I love, no adore, Harry Potter! I am kind of late to the party but I just finished all the books and watched all the movies. What a great series of books! I am going to be doing a Christian's review of the books next week!

I confess that my mouth dropped open when I saw the commercial for Dallas 2012. I mean, how much more corrupt are they going to be now with hardly any filters on TV now especially Fox. How old is JR? 90 something? Come on, now! I loved the show in the 80s but without the shoulder pads, how will it survive? What is next a Golden Girls remake? They better not!

I confess that whoever designed bathroom stalls was definitely a man! The doors were made to swing in on the toilet rather than out(except for handicapped ones). Have you ever tried to go in 1 while being 8 months pregnant? I am sure he hasn't. You have to back up and straddle the toilet just to get the door open and shut. I would always try to use the handicap stall but it wasn't always an option as there are people who actually have a disability and must use it!

I confess that I love having had my hysterectomy! No period for almost 4 years! AMAZING!

I confess that since my hysterectomy I have had little control over my heat regulator in my body. You can read about my latest battle with the heat here
I want control back!

I confess that I dislike fat ankles. I had them with my last 2 pregnancies and they were not at all attractive on me. I have naturally skinny ankles that might just snap at anytime so I couldn't even wear my anklet(it broke).

I confess that these may have been somewhat brutal but I surely feel better! What is on your mind this week? Got something to confess? Well, go right ahead! You are among friends here!
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