Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Mowing the grass is not my favorite thing in world to do. Yard work in general makes me groan with intense dislike. But, sometimes, it must be done and sometimes I am the person who has to do it. As I was pushing the lawnmower around the edges of the yard so that I could get on the riding mower and finish, I got to thinking about the weeds. We have more poison ivy on our property than I have ever seen. It is growing on everything around the outskirts of the yard. It is a plague! I am not allergic but my hubby is, severely! He doesn't have breathing issues or anything but the sores bleed and break open and are gross. They hurt him immensely.

That got me thinking(frankly there is nothing else to do while mowing grass). Our lives are like that. God intended for us to have this beautifully, manicured garden for a soul. When we sinned, weeds began creeping into the yard choking the good, fruit-bearing plants. As we try to live a good life, the weeds(sin) take over. It grows on everything in its reach. Now matter how much we mow, the weeds just keep coming back over and over again. Then, Jesus comes into our lives and cleanses our hearts and souls. The Holy Spirit grabs the Holy Lawn Mower and Saintly Weed killer and gets to work. He beats back the sins and regrets of the past and begins to get the yard into shape. His mercy is the soil and His love, the fertilizer. God is a master gardener working to prune our lives and make us fertile. He is patient and caring and works with us.

We will let more weeds back into our lives because we are human. But, the Gardener never tires nor sleeps. He continually works to complete in us what He started. One day, we will be restored to our previous condition of perfection and weeds will be no more. For now, let's pull on our gloves, grab our clippers and get to work!
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