Monday, July 25, 2011

School's in For Us

That time of year is upon us! The start of school...I know that most parents look forward to this day with a certain amount of gusto! The arguing is over and the parents get a break until 3pm and then homework, supper, bed, and bath. This describes lots of families but not mine. In case you don't know, we home school our kids. That means that my kids stay home and some even stay in their PJs. That means I can use corporal punishment and get away with it! That means that I am the teacher, principal, lunch lady, and janitor. My hubby's title is Superintendent of School.

This year, our formerly all girl academy has become a coed one with the addition of my kindergarten age son. There were no tears as he left for school and I was not hurriedly rushing out the doors with my hair on fire to get everyone where they are supposed to go. My pupils were so excited that they wanted to skip breakfast and brushing their teeth and get going. But, being the prudent mother/teacher that I am, I know that a great breakfast is key to good behavior and better retention of knowledge. I, also, know that stinky breath is gross!

So, you ask, what does a day in the life of the MESSIAH Academy look like?

Prayer(we must give thanks to God for His abundance)
Pledge of Allegiance(we are thankful to live here where we can school at home)
Bible verse memorization(we are doing Psalm 139 the WHOLE passage)
History and Science(as an entire school)
Quiet time/devotions(the girls do this)
Reading(the girls do this)
Math/Writing/Phonics/Reading(for Summie while the girls are on their own...he is done)
Math/Grammar/Writing/Spelling (each girl individually)
Nap(yes! everyone...even my 4th grader)

We aim to be done by lunch time. If we need to continue after nap, then we do! But we can usually get it all done. I work hard to give the girls things to do so that I have individual time with each student.

Is all that worth it? ABSOLUTELY! I love watching the lights go on in their eyes when they get something that I have taught them. Very gratifying!
Here is hope that the 2011-2012 year is a success for us all!
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