Thursday, February 17, 2011

Transparent Thursday

So some super confessions today! What do you have to confess? I know you are out there just saying that you can sympathize so please do!

I am feeling a bit run down right now! Not sick, mind you but just worn out from burning the candle at both ends. That thought leads to.....

I need some substantial time without the kids. Not just a few hours but a few days. Unfortunately, I don't have anyone who can take all 4 for us right now! Bummer!

I am really enjoying home school this year. I feel like I have come into my own, if you will. I like the subjects that I am teaching and the students. We are having fun and learning!

I compare myself and my students to other moms and students. I don't like doing that. I know my kids are individuals but I am competitive and want them to know as much as others their ages. I gotta quit putting that on them!

My clutter problem is getting better but is still a problem. Why can't I defeat it? I know, because I have no help from at least 4 other people in this house! I have instituted the policy that if it is on the floor when I sweep at 11 pm, it goes in the trash!

Whew!!! Feel much better! How 'bout you???? What is on your mind today?
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