Monday, February 14, 2011

5 Reasons Why I Love Walmart

So my hubby told me that I was too negative in my last post despite the fact that he agrees with me. So today in honor of Valentines Day, I am posting about the reasons why, in fact, I love Walmart. It is a love/hate relationship between us! I could in fact only come up with 5 so what does that tell you? So here they are........

5. People watching! There are some great characters in there to entertain you all day.

4. Walmart greeters are very friendly where I live.

3. Our Walmart is green instead of blue. I like that!! We are different!

2. They still support the Salvation Army bell ringers, Girl Scouts, Veterans, etc....

1. Walmart Bingo! This can provide endless hours of fun and it is a cheap date!

I am done with my rant about WalMart at least for now! I hope that you have a Happy Valentines Day!
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