Thursday, June 16, 2011

Transparent Thursday

I confess that I hate yoga! I love working out and sweating! Yoga, no thanks! I do it because it is required in my work out program but I see no reason to twist and move that way. I am flexible so it isn't that but I just don't understand it. Maybe when she tells me to relax, it's the dog licking my face that I don't like!

I confess that I did not miss my kids at the beach this weekend. I enjoyed recharging and connecting with a friend.

I confess that I love count down shows. Top 100 One hit wonders of the 80s? Count me in? Watching 101 Gadgets That Changed the World right now!

I confess that I didn't like being pregnant. The sore boobs, throwing up, nausea, growing body, feeling someone step on my bladder from the inside, weird pains, swollen feet, hot flashes, a belly button that is 4 inches higher than God originally intended......uggghhhhh! No thanks! But I LOVE being a mom!

I confess that I have no bladder control. More like it controls me! 4 kids and massive surgery destroyed it! Watch out when I exercise, travel, jump, or work too long! Can't help it!

I love a rollercoaster! I can't wait to ride 1 tomorrow. I hope that I can still ride them without getting nauseous. So many of my friends say that they can't! I will tough it out so that hubby can't make fun of me!

I confess that I am having a secret love affair with Michael Buble. The secret is from Mr. Buble not my hubs. He knows but Buble is still in the dark!

I confess that I love being married to a geek. Not just any geek but a hot one! He can fix or help me with any computer related problem that I might have!

What are you confessing this week? Come on, share with me! I won't tell anyone!
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