Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How My Bum Saved My Life & and other funny stuff

When I visit my husband's small hometown in rural South Carolina, I am a minority.  No, I am not a Yankee.  Though, I do hail from the upstate of SC and I was born in NC so that might very well qualify me but that isn't what I mean.  I am very aware when I am here that I am among the 10% of the 770+ of the population that has white skin.  How do I know?  Well, usually someone lets me know.  Today, when I was running, I heard someone call me a "white bred beauty"(beauty was not the word used).  I thought about typing in "white bread" cause y'all know that I am about the same color as Wonder Bread.  I was, also, referred to as a skinny, white Princess(also, not the word used).  I had my head phones on so, I pretended not to hear.  As the car passed me, I did hear him say that I had a nice bottom(again, not his chosen word) so, I was ok.  Do you hear me breathing a sigh of relief?

Apparently, my bum is not just a life saver but it might have peace bringing powers.  Because, just at that moment a car from the rival gang(I could tell by the less than friendly gestures passed back & forth) drove by the other car.  As the new car passed, several young men were pouring forth compliments to my derriere.  Again, I ignored them.  However, since the 2 rivals agreed on that then, maybe, just maybe, there is hope!  What did I do with the number to the UN?

I kept on running and completed 4 miles and if you have never run or exercised in the deep south in August, then you have missed out on a treat.  A treat if you consider pouring sweat and breathing in pudding a good time.  I think that I should get extra credit for running in this harsh environment.  I mean extra extra credit, like a piece of cake or something.  Yummy!  Tastes delicious!  Another great treat is the way it smells on the day before trash pick up day!   WOW!  I was looking around like I was on CSI searching for the dead body buried somewhere.  If you know anything about humidity, then you know that smells don't travel far on the thick, wet air.  Oh my!  My lungs were burning and my eyes were tearing!  It was as overwhelming as too much lemon in your sweet tea.  Just ruins everything! 

I am going back home to my sweet, thin mountain air and boy I can't wait!  I will take the hills and the little things like the ability to breathe over flat land and heavy air anyday!  But, as for my peace making skills, I will be working on those "butt" not too much as I might need my bum to save my life!
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