Friday, July 19, 2013

ABCs of Me: Dinners, Daughters, and Dating

On this blogging journey with Proverbs 31 Mama and others, I have begun to discover things about myself and them along the way.  This week has been hectic.  I have been doing all my planning for the 1st quarter of school this week.  A lot of work, at first, but less work during the actual term.  Middle school(for my oldest) is daunting to say the least.  Anyway, I digress.  Here is my "D" post!


Now, I am Southern and proud of it and we say supper but supper doesn't begin with a d so dinner it is.  I love food and I love to eat.  I haven't always loved to cook but as I have matured, I have learned that there is nothing better than watching your family love something that you created for them with love.  I am no Julia Child.  I am more like Paula Deen minus the scandal.  We like our chicken fried and our tea sweet and cold.  That being said, I thought I would list some of my family's favorites.

1. Fried chicken strips.
        Marinate the chicken in Webers herb and white wine marinade for at least an hour. 
        Coat in flour or House Autry chicken dredge.  Cook in about 1 inch of Canola oil until
        brown.  Place on paper towel to dry.  Serve with veggies or over salad.

2. Spaghetti
       My sauce has ruined spaghetti for my kids anywhere else.  Check it out here

3. Salsa
       The freshest, most delicious salsa and it is simple, too.  Find it here

4. Braised pork chops(or anything)
      This is a no brainer.  Whatever meat you choose, chicken breasts(with bone), pork
       chops, ribs, etc, will come out so tender and this is too easy.  Don't tell anyone.
      In a large baking pan, place meat.  Season with salt and pepper and garlic powder.
      Add a little liquid until it fills the bottom about 1/4 inch.  Cover tightly with foil.
     Place in an oven on 300 for about 4 hours.  The smell will drive you mad!


Having daughters is amazing!  They see things so differently than boys.  They are a tremendous responsibility!  We have lost the desire for women to be ladies in our society and I find that tragic.  What is wrong with being both soft and strong at the same time?  If it works for Viva paper towels, can't it work for our daughters?  I want to raise my daughters to find their self-worth in their identity in Christ.  I don't want them to compare themselves to those emaciated women on the covers of magazines.  I want them to embrace the bodies that they were given, warts and all.  I want that for myself.  That brings me to my 3rd "D"....


Boy, am I glad I don't have to be out in the dating world right now!  Seems like a lot of work.  I feel for my daughters and sons as they come of age to date at around 30 ;).  I am so glad that my husband has the gift of discernment because I always wants to see the good in people and often overlook danger.  Beware those who come a calling for my children.  There are some rules that are non-negotiable for dating/courting my babies.  You don't comply, you don't date him/her.  Period!  But, we have many years until they are 30.  We have some time to get used to the idea!

Hop over and check out the other ladies!  Have a great weekend!
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