Thursday, July 19, 2012


Salsa...mmmmm!  I have been asked to post my recipe so here it is!  Beware! I don't measure!

Start with tomatoes!  I have tons from the garden!  Nice ripe Better Boys

Wash them, remove stem and core. Cut into fourths.

Large bowl, knife, cutting board, Vidalia Chop Wizard(my secret weapon)

2 sizes of grids for 2 sizes of veggies.  I use the bigger 1 for the tomatoes and the smaller 1 for the bell pepper and Vidalia onion.  Put the quartered tomotoes inside the wizard and press shut.  It does everything for you!

This is what you get!  Clearly, I underestimated the amount of tomatoes that I had.  I had to get another bowl.

Remove the stem and seeds from 2 large sweet bell peppers.  Peel 2 medium onions and cut these smaller than the tomatoes.  They are more difficult to push through when they are larger. onions!

I make my hubby chop the jalapeno cause I don't do spicy.

Fresh cilantro coarsely chopped

The juice from 2 limes, salt to taste.  Mix all the veggies, juice and cilantro together.  It is yummy now but wait until tomorrow.  It will can or freeze.  I make 2 batches...1 spicy 1 not.  This made a total of 200 oz.  That equals 20 jars of Tostitos jarred salsa from the store.  I paid a total of $5 for all the ingredients.  You do the math.  Let me know if you try it and what you think.  This is obviously chunky but I have put some of the tomatoes in the food processer and added the juice to it and it was just as g
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