Thursday, July 12, 2012


The alarm clock blares at 4:30 am.  She reaches over, hits it, and rests back for a minute.  Then, she turns on her side and struggles to sit up.  Her belly is screaming at her.  Her back is aching and she is tired.  All of a sudden, she realizes why she is awake so early.  She is going to have her first baby.  She turns and pokes her husband and says, "Let's go!  We have a baby to meet!"  He groans and slowly sits up.  When the reality sets in, he, too, gets super excited.  They hop out of bed, get dressed, and brush their teeth.  While he is packing the car, she fixes her hair and puts on make-up.  They exit the house with 1 final look.  They know when they come home, life as they know it will no longer exist.  They will be a family of 3!

Fast forward.....4 kids, 2 states, 3 houses, 1 dog, and 10 years later.  That baby turns 10!  One whole decade!  WOW!  Here are some pics that show part of the celebration......

We took her to Outback

Steak is her favorite food!

She was embarrassed by the singing!

Off on our mommy/daughter adventure!

"What a HUGE Bed!"

The view here is amazing but alas it was raining!

Being silly!

Not too old to snuggle with Mom!

The sign I made her that says 10 ten different ways!

We decorated our own wrapping paper!

Her sister made this!

I made this card!  Isn't it pretty?

The whole family!

Her new kangaroo skin glove for big girls!

She loves the Redskins!  She wants an RGIII poster!

Big girl jewelry!

She only got a cupcake but a surprise party is on tomorrow!

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