Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What To Do When You Are H-O-T....

Yesterday, I wrote a post about the things you can do when you are hot.  Today, I am writing a post about what you should do when you are H-O-T!!  Now, you may not know that you are hot or you may know that you are.  There are several ways to tell.  If people turn and stare at you when you walk down the street, you may be hot.  If you don't throw up when you look in the mirror, you may be hot.  If your hubby sends you a text message at church telling you that you look hot, you probably are.  So what to do with that?

#5 Denial
     A polite "you are too kind" or "you are precious" will suffice.

#4 Acceptance
    A gracious "why, thank you" or a big grin is certainly with the realm of tastefulness.

#3 Brag
   A cocky "yea, I know" fits this scenario.

#2 Become a model
   But really who wants to eat that little and be that stuck up?

#1 Kiss your hubby and feel more confident.
   That message from your spouse of almost 13 years and after 4 babies will boost your confidence just about more than anything else he may have said before.  "You look hot" is different from "you are pretty" or "you look nice" or "you are beautiful."  Hot implies that he desires you still after all these years.  Hot implies that he is truly looking and not just saying what must be said to his wife out of duty.  So throw your arms around him and give him his just due for it!  I know I did!
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