Monday, June 25, 2012

What To Do When You Are Hot...

Are you hot yet?  If you say no, then you are not from the south.  And summer in the south is HOT!  Yep, all caps!  I happen to live in the mountains of western North Carolina so it is not as hot here but I have lived in Greenville, SC and Florence, SC(which is part of the armpit of the south which includes Columbia, SC and Fayetteville, NC) and Savannah, GA(where the seasons are hot and hotter).  We all know the feeling of stepping out of our front door and melting with sweat coursing down to places that southern ladies don't mention in public.  I even get sweaty between my fingers.  As I get older, I get hotter(you know from the hot flashes or my metabolism boosters as I call them). What can we do to cool down? As a woman who has lived in the Southeast US her whole life, I will give you my Top 10 things to do to cool off when life gets hot.

#10 Take a cold shower.
      -This works for some but not for all.  I cannot take a cold shower no matter the reason just seems                   wrong.

#9 Cold compress on your forehead or neck
     -I use this quite frequently and while it leaves weird wet marks, it is effective.

#8 Stand over/in front of the AC vent.
     -I did this when I was pregnant.  It helps!

#7 Jump in a cold pool
    -If you have access, then by all means jump in!  If not, then skip to the next one.

#6 Run through the sprinkler
   -This will cool you down and make you feel like a kids again.  So this will knock degrees and years off
                you!  So much fun!

#5 Read a book set in Antarctica or Alaska.  Or watch a movie set there.

#4 Stay inside all summer
    -Not practical but it will make you cooler

#3 Drink lots of water so you stay hydrated.  I will also add other cold drinks but you add in what you desire.

#2 Eat lots of ice cream or milkshakes or Icees.
    -The brain freeze will feel so amazing!

#1 Stand in front of your freezer.
   -Sure, you may lose a lot of food but really in the grand scheme of things, isn't that better than the heat?

I hope this helps you in your quest to stay cool but I warn you that unless you have the body of Jennifer Aniston, do not and I repeat DO NOT wear short shorts or tube tops.  You all know that I am anti-back fat!  Have a great summer and stay tuned for my next post.."What To Do When You Are HOT?"
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