Friday, July 20, 2012

'Fess Up Friday

What a week!  Whew!  I need to confess just for my sanity!  So hook up with Mamarazzi and confess yourself. Also, read some confessions from others.  So here goes!

I confess that I am loving me some Dallas.  The theme song gets me going and reminds me of my childhood!  It is a great show!

I confess that I skeptical about Dallas but it has proven to be a fantastic summer show!

I confess that my scalp is driving me crazy!  I have some sort of thing going on with it.  Pieces of my scalp and chunks of hair are causing me much grief!  It is getting better with T-Gel but not cured.

I confess that my emotions are all over the place recently.  I have had some family issues going on and work things.  I am just over it!

I confess that I am tired of people ignoring my feelings in favor of theirs.  My feelings are as important as others but some narcissistic people don't think so.  Everything is all about them!  So done!

I confess that this week at work has been a doozy!  I was bitten at work(a restaurant) by a dog.  A Yorkshire Terror, I mean, Terrier.  I can't even brag about it being a German Shepherd or Pit Bull but an 8lb dog!  The owners never even apologized!  I had to have a Tetanus shot.  Not happy!

I confess that we had to give our black lab mutt away.  My kids are so sad and so are we.  I think we might get another for Christmas!  We will see!

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