Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Pinterest Project

I saw this on Pinterest!
I immediately fell in love with it and I became determined to do it for my hubby for Valentine's Day. When I was doing yesterday's project, I decided to go ahead and do one. I didn't have a board exactly like the one in the above picture so I decided to antique 2 boards. 1 was a piece of wood that was used to remodel my stairs in my foyer. The other was just a random piece of plywood. I came up with 2 projects. One is for my friend Kara and her husband Steve. And the other is for me, of course. I am stapling a ribbon to the back so that it can hang on the wall but it could just as easily sit on a mantle or dresser or something! I hope that he likes it. I would love to hear your thoughts on today and yesterday's projects. Follow me on Pinterest. Feel free pin it with a link back to my site!
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