Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pinterest Wednesday

How to antique something with very little effort!  Yep!  I thought I would try a technique that I heard about on Trading Spaces years ago.  I bought these pictures for my hubby at a thrift store here in town for $7(for both).  The frames are great as you can see! The pictures are of old WWII planes and bombers.

1st I took the pictures glass panels from their frames. Then, I painted lightly over the frame with flat white paint. Just before it got completely dry, I wiped it off with a paper towel. Then, I used stain that we had from a home project. I got a rag and dipped it into the stain and wiped it on the frame. I didn't cover it completely but just at random.

When it was almost dry, I took another rag and wiped it off. Then, I took sandpaper and roughed it up a little.
This is what the final product looks like!
Feel free to pin this with a link back to my site! This cost me $7. That was for the picture set. The white paint and the stain I had around the house. This took approximately 1 hour to complete and my hubby was so happy with them. I bet I could sell them for much more! Stay tuned for tomorrow's copy of a Pinterest project I saw! Follow me on Pinterest if you so choose....Sarita Edgerton
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