Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Courageous-The Movie

I love a good movie! If you have yet to see Courageous the movie, then you need to see it.  My family watched it the other night. The theme is honor begins at home.  The movie touches on a very sensitive theme: fathers.  There is a lack of leadership in our homes by dads these days.  The emphasis is always on mom and children but the role of the father and the children is often over looked.  Part of problem is that we have successfully emasculated men in our society.   We make fun of manly men and lift up men who are effeminate.  I know that I personally prefer my man to be rugged and capable not manicured and helpless.  My hubby is one of those men who can fix a car and dance with my daughters. He is unashamed to look the fool with his kids.  He knows that these things(not how he dresses) will be remembered by them. By creating solid memories with our children and actively participating in their lives, our children will be less likely to go to jail, get pregnant out of wed lock, get divorced, have an eating disorder, cut themselves, or commit suicide.  I am not saying that this won't happen but the statistics are in our favor.
My 1st father abandoned me to live with a unwed teenage mom.  She remarried and my step father took indecent liberties with me.  She then gave me away(another abandonment) to my birth grandparents.  My adoptive father was a great provider but spent very little time with any of us.  My memories of that are few and far between and treasured.  No one instilled in me the value of me!  That I was worth something!  I was just another mouth to feed and life would be better with out me in it.  Then my Abba Father came into my life and I found out that there was someone out there who treasured me and loved me so much.  With Him came my husband. I knew that he would be a great father to our children, if we had them.  We did and he is a great dad!  But as parents, we want our children to feel loved , treasured, worth far more than we could ever show them.  We have introduced them to our Heavenly Father who treasures us so much that He sent His only Son to die for us on the cross.  Jesus then rose again to proclaim victory to the captives.  That was a heavy price to pay!
I hope that my children never feel abandoned or worthless.  That is a feeling that just won't go away!
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