Friday, January 27, 2012

'Fess Up Friday


Time again for confession!  I hope that this week finds everyone well!  Head over to Mamarazzi and check out her confessions on blogging cliques!  There are some other great blogs linked up!

I confess that I had no idea that there were blogging cliques!  I have never been in cliques so I guess I wouldn't know one when I see it.

I confess that I got upset when someone told me that blogging was "so 2007".  Yes, I know that I am not a hipster but I am not ancient either.

I confess that the race I ran last Saturday killed me physically!  My hips hurt for 2 days!  Maybe I am ancient.

I confess that when my friend took me to a store called Green Life after the race for lunch, I was skeptical!  I kept waiting for the hippie police to come and cart me away for being a Christian, conservative, home schooling mother who doesn't always recycle!  I got off with only a warning!  Whew!

I confess that I feel like I have been wading through Jello this week.  I performed all my normal duties but I felt like I was doing it while being immersed in Jello.  That is what depression and anxiety feels like.  I don't like it!

I confess that I hope I get in on Mamarazzi's swap!  It would be my 1st!

So that's it!  Nothing too terrible!  But I have been keeping my head down this week so what can you expect!
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