Friday, February 3, 2012

'Fess Up Friday

I confess that I played Words with Friends in totally inappropriate places...while homeschooling, while grocery shopping, in bed, at work...Is there a support group for this?

I confess that I used a cheat program on a random guy who I know was cheating. What is a soja? I won't play him again! I did not use it on anyone I know!

I confess that I have been sick and haven't worked out for nearly 10 days! I feel like a slug but last week I was depressed and this week I couldn't speak or swallow. I guess I will get skinny in February!

I confess that I hope to be picked for Mamarazzi's Favorite Things Swap! I am a newbie so I guess I will have to hope for the best!

I confess that I got my knickers all in a bunch this week! Someone I know called everyone who is pro life close-minded, primitive zealots. When I looked up the definition of close-minded, well she fit that description: someone who is intolerant of views other than his/her own. AGGGGHHHHH! At least argue the facts and don't name call or belittle someone. We live in a big enough country to have different beliefs.

I confess that I was excited about Susan G Komen Foundation's decision to cut funding for Planned Parenthood. Then I was disappointed that they decided to pull the plug on pulling the plug. There is a link between abortion and breast cancer. Why would SGK want to sponsor and organization that wants to increase abortions world wide by 82%(read here). What? How is that healthy for anyone? I think most people agree that abortion should not be used as birth control but what is that about?

I confess that my head is exploding with all the mud throwing going on in the political world. Obama is increasing jobs....Obama is decreasing jobs. Gingrich is a womanizer....Gingrich is like any other politician he just got caught. Romney is a liberal....Romney is a conservative. Paul is crazy....Paul is crazy. Facts...unemployment is over 10% if you look at actual numbers. The only real jobs were created by the government. Check out the chart put for by the Congressional Budget outlook. Can any one person just tell us the truth? Why do all these things have to be clouded in smoke and spun by the media? We, the people, know the truth! We are the ones struggling day to day and week to week! We are the ones cutting back on our spending, losing our jobs, losing our homes, etc while the govt keeps spending and taxing and spending and taxing! How about the congressmen and women and senators get real jobs with real budgets and accountability and shut up with all the BS they are throwing at us?

I confessed weeks ago that I was gonna be confessing some things about the politics and elections going on! Well, you were warned! And my knickers are in a bunch. I better go iron them out! Hope you enjoyed these confessions! If not, well........maybe next week's will be better. Head on over to Mamarazzi and link up! Tell her I sent you!
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