Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What's For Supper?

I am terrified that my turkey will turn out like this one(from Google images)
Supper, yes that is what we call dinner in the South.  I wanted to document what is for supper at our house tomorrow on Thankgiving.  I am nervous because I am doing the meal without help from either set of parents this year.  We are having some friends in from our town who have family in Minneapolis.  We get together during the holidays for some food, drink, and board games.  We have even been known to throw in some Wii Just Dance.  This is what we are eating:

Dressing muffins(we like crunchy dressing so we make muffins)
1 Sweet potato(my daughter is the only 1 who likes them)
Green bean casserole(my friend is making this)
Mashed Potatoes(also by my friend)
Macaroni and Cheese(my hubby)
Butter beans or field peas
Egg gravy and rice
Pumpkin chiffon pies(thanks to recipe from Housewife Eclectic)
Ice Cream pie(my friend)
Sweet tea
Red wine

By Friday, I will be 1000 lbs but it will be worth it!  We are totally carbing it!  I have saved my carbs all week for just this day.  I can't wait!  What are you all eating?  I would like to hear it!
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