Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankfulness #4

I am thankful this week for so many things!  If you haven't read my post The Hardest Thankgiving check it out!  It is a tale of a Thanksgiving that I thought would be my last.  Here is my list of things for which I am thankful:

1) my in-laws.  They treat me like I am 1 of their kids.  I never feel judged or less than a good daughter with them.  They adore my kids and raised a great son!

2)eBay.  Without it, my kids would have no Christmas.  We have some things on there for sale now and that will be gifts for my family.

3)the hard times!  This may sound weird but I draw closer to God during these times.  He feels like here draws near to me.  Truth is that He never moved, I did!

4)Christian music.  I can listen to it without having to explain things to my small children.  It is just as good if not better than any pop or country music that is out now.

5)my children.  I am so blessed to have 4 beautiful kids.  They are obedient and kind.  They think of others before they think of themselves.  They love my husband and me unconditionally.

6)my salvation.  Without it, I would still be wounded and hurt.  Raw, festering wounds that keep opening and oozing.  Jesus came in and cleansed me.  He cleaned out the wound and put His soothing balm of grace and mercy on it and it was healed.  I am thankful for the day that I asked Him to take up residence in my heart.

7)home schooling my kids.  I am so thankful that God has allowed me to do that.  I can't imagine them in public school.  They are thriving in such a great way!

Are you thanking God today for what He has done for you?  I am thankful for you all!
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