Sunday, November 13, 2011


For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  Sir Isaac Newton coined that phrase centuries ago when describing the Laws of Motion.  I will amend that and say for every action there is a consequence.  It can be a good consequence or a bad one.  But, something always happen when we act.  I touch a hot burner, I get burned.  It hurts and I learn quickly not to touch it again.  Both bad and good consequences come from it. 
Why then do people think that there should be no consequences for Penn St and everyone involved right down to the last, littlest person?  When someone(allegedly) harms a child in the way Sandusky did, there should be a severe consequence to him.  He should get burned and learn to never touch another child in that way again!  I can promise that those boys are feeling the consequences and that they will the rest of their lives.  As a victim of molestation and abuse myself, it is something that never goes away.  But, Sandusky was the worst sort of predator.  He actually(allegedly) set up a foundation where he "helped" young boys.  He most likely was pimping them out to big donors.  This absolutely disgusts me!  How much money did Penn St and the athletic department take from these donors and Sandusky himself?  Everyone should be cleaned out from the President down to the towel boy.  Every trainer, every scout, EVERYONE!  If Penn St wants to keep their reputation, they need to do what is right for the boys.  The cover up of the crime from all parties is beyond belief.
Then we have the students who rioted over the dismissal of Joe Paterno.  He should be gone and he should've been gone before he broke the record for most wins by a NCAA coach.  He knew and never turned it in to the police.  Sure, he told his boss but that is not enough.  Sometimes, you have to stick your neck out for the "least of these" and risk getting it chopped off to do what it right and just!  His reputation, had he done that, would be intact now.  But now it is tarnished and this will forever hang over his head and the university's.  People need to understand that there are consequences for their actions.  Sandusky will go to prison and so will others.  Penn St will lose money and football recruits.  But, is it enough?  What did these dozens of boys suffer?  Lifelong damage that is almost irreparable.  I have healed but I still have the memories.  They never go away.  They make me guarded in every aspect of my life.  If my child were a student at PSU, I would pull them out and demand a refund.  They would not get 1 more red cent from me.  This went all the way from top to bottom and no one ever thought of the welfare of the children.
I am disgusted!  This has disturbed me all week.  I pray desperately for the boys involved because if there are 8 of them that are pressing charges, then there are dozens more who are too ashamed to accuse him.  I pray for those involved in the crime's cover up.  I pray that they will seek forgiveness and make restitution for their doing nothing.  Lastly, I pray for Sandusky.  I pray that the Lord would convict him of his sin and turn him from his wicked ways.  I pray that he lives with the memory of what he's done and like touching a burner won't do it again.  I pray that justice is swift and severe.  I can assure you that God is not happy with what he has done and justice will be served by Him.
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