Saturday, November 12, 2011

'Fess Up Friday

A day late, a dollar short.  I am a day late to Mamarazzi's party but I know I can still confess.  Frankly, it is my favorite part of the week besides Sunday morning worship and Monday night with my home group. So here's to it!  Have a great weekend!

I confess that I love Veterans.  I will go out of my way even crossing a restaurant to say thanks.  Last week, we met a man who fought in WWII.  He was so cute and funny and fascinating.  He was touched that my husband(who was on crutches) and I would stop and speak to him.  He told us that he used to operate the radio for Radio Free Europe.  He was absolutely amazing!  I took cookies to  the Vets in my neighborhood and a friend.  It is not a lot but a small token of our appreciation.

I confess that I love basketball!  And for me it started last night with the Tarheels playing Michgan St on the US Carl Vincent.  A freaking air craft carrier!  It was amazing!  I could have done without the politicking from the president but what can I say!  We begin the walk towards March Madness!

I confess that I stayed up too late last night.  Netflix was acting crazy and I couldn't get stuff to play without stopping and finally I stopped and read my book.  Before I knew it, it was really late!

I confess that I forgot how great a write Agatha Christie was.  I got a book recently from the library and it is good.

I confess that I am sick of being sick.  I already took an antibiotic.  Got better.  Got sick again!  Yuck!  Must be the little monsters I have around here kissing on me and all.  I take Vitamin C but it doesn't seem to be helping!

This list was a lot of randomness!  Thank God bloggy land is forgiving and can keep up!  What are y'all confessing?  Hop on over and link up!


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