Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankfulness #2

Our kids' Thanksgiving project

I am so thankful and rightly so.  God has given me so much and I am so blessed.  Here are the things for which I am thankful:

1) My hubby has improved with his knee so much.  Last week, he thought he would never walk again(due to pain).  This week, he is getting along nicely.  Still limping but healing.

2) My hubby took the kids to my in-laws for a couple days to give me a much needed break!  He is going on a guys' weekend. 

3) I am happy with our Thanksgiving project.  I started this last year.  You can see the beginning of the project here .  I just bought a piece of foam poster board.  I traced each child's hand onto colored paper.  Last year, I chose fall colors.  But, I had a hard time telling which hand was whose.  So this year, I let them choose a color of paper and they traced their hands and cut them out and each day of November, they write down things for which they are thankful.  The back of this poster is the poster from last year.  When we are done this year, I am gonna cover it with clear contact paper and keep this to bring out every year.

4)I am thankful that I am done selling those stamps on eBay.  I got everything mailed out and people seem to be happy.  Yea!

5) I have quite possibly the cutest kids ever!  My hubby and I breed well!

6) I have some great friends who understand my struggles and who share theirs with me.  Amazing that we all have similar issues.

7) VETERANS!!!!  I am thankful for their sacrifice of time and blood and in some cases their lives.  I will do the Veteran walk that we do twice a year in our neighborhood tomorrow.  We take a little token of our appreciation to each one in our neighborhood and say thank you!  I want my children to understand what they did for us so that we can enjoy the life that we have today!

Are you thanking God today?  You should be!  He has done more for us than we can ever imagine.  If you are experiencing trial today and God seems so far away, remember that the trials of this life are God's mercies in disguise!

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