Friday, May 25, 2012

'Fess Up Friday


Time again for my weekly confessional.  Hope your week has gone well.  Check out Mamarazzi and her Bitty Bit confessional.

I confess that this week has been both great and sucky!

I confess that the previous confession is because of menopause.

I confess that I need to take something but I am scared.  I am too young(38) and don't want to be on hormones forever.

I confess that my hubby wants something to give.

I confess that I need a hormone test.  I don't want to pay for it(no insurance).

I confess that I am enjoying my time not doing school with the kids.  I am getting stuff done.  Yep yep I am!

I confess that I planted my garden and I am a little behind.  But, since my tomatoes and cukes produced until November last year, I am not overly concerned.  I planted tomatoes, zucchini, corn, cukes, and jalapenos.

I confess I am nervous about canning them.  I have never canned before.

I confess that my hubby passed his big, HUGE test to be a licensed surveyor in SC.  Now he is certifiable certified in 2 states.  More marketable!

I confess that my confessions are all over the place kind of like my brain.  Y'all are getting a glimpse into my crazy, mixed up head!

I confess that I am done!  Have a great weekend and remember those soldiers who have fought for your freedom!  Happy Memorial Day!
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