Thursday, May 24, 2012

20 Year Reunion

Many of my loyal readers know I just attended my 20th high school reunion.  I went to Wren High School and while I didn't hate high school, I definitely don't list it as my favorite time in life.  I was relatively popular and smart but I was so unsure, not confident, hurting, and self-conscious.  I went to me reunion and had an ok time.  I was so glad to return home to my husband and my family.  That is where I belong!  Not in the past but in the future.  At 25, when I became a Christian, I decided not to let my past dictate my present or my future.  If God wants to use my past for His glory, then may His will be done.  I will not let it define who I am.  God defines who I am....PERIOD!
Kendall and me.  She was a dear friend and cheerleader!

Me in the car.  I am at a stoplight not driving!
I am posting some pictures so y'all can see and revel in the oldness...

Jenny and me!  We did a dance together in the 8th grade.  She swears she has the video!

Traci, Lori, and myself

Everyone who showed up out of 200+ graduates

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