Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Anyone else just tired? Seems like we have been going at 1000 miles per hour with barely any time to catch our breaths. Doctor's appointments and unexpected errands that need to be run are taking up so much time lately. I feel like we have had barely any time to spend together. I fall into bed each night so tired that my eyes are scratchy. When I had my surgery, they told me that I would be extra tired for about a year. Just when I think that I am healed, pain or exhaustion hits me like a ton of bricks. Listening to all the talk about the economy and the election is stressful! I can't believe the road that we are headed down and being led down it by politicians that we can't even trust. This makes by brain hurt and want to shut off.
So, here's what we do, streamline our schedules and pray about the things concerning our country(trusting that God will lead us where we are supposed to go). I'll do it, if you you will!!

Also, please, pray for my friend Bonnie who has cancer and just a not so great prognosis. Thanks!
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