Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My sweet Ella Raye

Ella Raye, you turn 4 today! I can't believe how the time just goes racing by. Seems like yesterday, you were just a tiny elfin little baby screaming for food. Your name certainly was prophetic. It means "elfin, or small". You are so petite and yet so full of fire. You have the prettiest gray eyes and a ready smile. You definitely have the cutest little feet of all my children. You are my strong-willed child and while that can be difficult at times, I love how you defend your brothers and sister in what you deem unfair. You are proof that big things come in small packages. I love your imagination and how you can pretend in any situation. Your "baby"(giraffe) and finger(which you suck) have gotten many miles over the last 4 years. You aren't afraid to try new things, especially when food is involved. I love your random "Mommy, I love yous" and "tell me a story, Mommy". In short, my dear child, I love you so much and count it a privilege to be your mom. I thank God everyday that He added you to our quiver. Happy Birthday!
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