Tuesday, June 15, 2010


So I have never been the mom to a sports player before. Until this year. We decided to put both our girls into softball so they could get acquainted with team sports. We want them to learn to be good sports in all cases whether they win or lose. I knew how each of them would do but I had no idea that I would be the way I was.

I know by nature that I am competitive. In high school, there was less than 1 point separating the number 1 person from number 10. I was number 7 and wanted to get a few more tenths to boost myself. When I play games with my husband or other couples, my desire to win can be consuming. I really have to keep it in check. When mama bear is added to the mix, it can be deadly!

Neither of my girls had any familiarity with softball and so before skills assessment, Michael got out and practiced some with them. They went and were assessed. Both girls were placed on a team and we were excited. Practice began and we realized that they had a lot of work to do to win but so did the other girls.

Ella Raye had the 1st game and they won. I jumped up and down on the bleachers yelling encouragement to all the players but secretly felt a jolt of pride when she made a stop or hit the ball. Like all the other parents, I clapped for the other team and spoke kind words to the other little 5 year olds. After all, how will my kids learn if I don't show them.

Isabela played next. She was playing with 10 other 7 & 8 year olds. They played the "red" team. The "red" team was made up of almost all all-stars and they were great! They could hit and field and run. Most of our girls could not. They finally stopped the blood bath at 21-0. How demoralizing! Not for the girls but for me! What?? How can so many great girls be on one team? How will our girls get over this? The first thing our girls said was, "What is for snack?" They had no clue! We encouraged them and told them how well they had done. The "red" team became our nemesis! This team went on to win every single game by huge points amounts.

Our team improved and eventually won 2 games. But, they had fun and they learned some great life lessons. Isabela improved so much and is wanting to play again next year. Ella Raye's team went on to place 2nd in the regular season and in tournament play. She also wants to play again. She loves it!

As for me, I know now what my strengths and weaknesses are. I know easily that I could turn into one of those moms who yells and screams. I, also, know that I don't want to be that mom that screams, "run over her and push her down." I don't want to be the parent that gets in a fight with the ref. I am yelling at him in my head but it doesn't need to come out. My children don't need to learn that lesson. I realize that in my worst moments, I am not as bad a pageant mom!

Play ball!
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