Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Recently, a friend of mine lost her baby. Everyone was very saddened by it. I will admit that I am having a hard time understanding why God would allow it. At the funeral, all of us in our limited human mind were questioning the reasoning, even the pastor. As he read a letter written by the mom and dad, something she said resonated with me. I won't quote her but I will paraphrase what she said. She expressed the thought that she had always heard others say that they had felt the prayers of their fellow saints being lifted up but had never truly understood what that meant exactly. Until this tragedy hit her family! I, too, have felt what it is like to be held up by prayers of others. I thought I would try to put it into a picture using words. None of this is original! As a matter of fact, I am borrowing heavily on images created by Frank Peretti.
When the prayers of the saints go up in abundance, the angels are strengthened in their fight against the enemies of the Light. I believe that the angels are sent here to protect us and that there is a fight going on in the heavenly realms just over our heads that we can't see but can surely feel. Prayers lifted up can keep us from experiencing pain full in times of injury. We can feel a peaceful spirit when we should be in turmoil. We can experience joy when we should be deep in despair. I have had the pleasure of knowing someone was praying for me when I was suicidal. When I was in the hospital for so many days, I had people tell me that they couldn't possibly do what I did. Before going into the hospital, I said the exact same thing. But strength was given to me to get through each day. I say that I could not survive what my friends are going through but they are being given strength from an unseen source holding them, comforting them, and protecting them from the enemy.
We don't often see the big picture in the midst of our grief but there is one. How can we take our sadness and heartache and use it to minister to others? That is what we are to do after all according to 2 Corinthians 1:3-7. We are to share our hurts with others so that we can also share the comfort that we were given. My friends' heartache doesn't go away because the funeral has been performed or family has gone home or even years have passed. It won't go away until the day they hold their baby in Heaven standing in the presence of their Abba Father as their child leads them into the throne room(not necessarily Biblical but it is a great picture). He then wipes all the hurt away and there will be only joy. They can then look back and see how they have ministered to others and how such a short life can impact so many others.
Press on, my dear friends, until the day of completion by the Lord Jesus Christ. Know that your baby is safe in Heaven and knows no pain or tears. The ache to hold him won't fade overnight but will serve to make your arms stronger to hold someone else in their pain. We love you and pray for you daily!
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