Sunday, October 10, 2010

Why can't it do it by itself?

My laundry basket is empty right now. RIGHT NOW!!! But, in a few hours it will be full again. The hamper will fill itself so quickly that I won't know what happened. Before I turn around, it is overflowing and multiplying onto the floor. It seems to fill itself by itself. What is the phenomenon that causes this?
What would amaze me would be if the clothes could put themselves in the washer, then dry themselves, and then fold themselves. I would consider it a bonus if they could put themselves away. If they can be fruitful and multiply, why can't they be productive and put themselves in drawers? That is all I ask! There is no task more mundane than laundry for me. So repetitious and monotonous!
Oh, look, the laundry rabbit has come once more and put some contents in my hamper....gotta go!!!!!
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