Friday, October 8, 2010

Fabulous Friday

I am not that crafty of a person but I do like to make things when I can. With 4 kids, I find life difficult sometimes and when I can do something to simplify it I try. I was looking for a chore chart to keep track of my children and their work around the house. I saw 1 at my friend's house and loved it but couldn't see spending so much money on it. I took the basic concept and made my own. Here it is:

Basically, I took a plastic peg board and some wooden circles that I painted each child's favorite color and made some headers: Chores, Tasks, & Behavior. Each child was allowed to pick out an icon for themselves(<0.50). Each day, they have 2 chores they must complete. I choose those chores. When they are done, they give themselves 1 circle for each chore. At the end of the day, if they have behaved(no arguing, fighting, lying, etc), they get a silver heart awarded by mom. If they have 12 circles and 5-6 hearts per week, they get allowance. If they have 12 circles but less than 5 hearts, they do not. We want to stress heart condition over works based behavior. The tasks column is for things like making bed, putting away toothbrushes, taking plates to sink, picking up dirty clothes, etc. They get 1 of those per day. If they misbehave in anyway, we remove a heart or we don't give one, if it a recurring problem. We haven't gotten there yet, so we will see.

So I love this. My hubs and I collaborated on the design and he drilled the holes in the circles and hearts. This has worked for our family and my kids know what is expected of them. They love it!
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