Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The List

The end of the year brings many different list! Most interesting people, number one songs, funniest commercials, etc... I confess that I love those lists. So in that respect I am going to make a list of my own. This list is the list of my favorite Christmas memories!

10. Sleeping in the same bed with my sister, Kelly, waiting on Santa to come.

9. On 1 such night, lightening struck the ground outside our window(weird, I know)

8. Hearing my mom sing "O Holy Night" in church. I still prefer her version best!

7. Having my kids come to the hospital Christmas day to celebrate with me.

6. Carolers coming to my room at the hospital and singing to me.

5. Making gingerbread cookies with my mom.

4. Silver dollar pancakes with my dad on Christmas morning(made by Dad)

3. My daughter's 1st Christmas

2. Unpacking our ornaments and remembering where we got them and when.

1. My 1st married Christmas. It snowed that day! What a magical year! I love my hubby!

Hope you like my list! What are your favorite memories??? I have made many more this year!
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