Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Chronicles of North Mytle Beach 1.0

Welcome to North Myrtle Beach! What a great sign! We were able to come down to the beach thanks to my in-laws. The were kind enough to rent a condo for a few days. What a nice condo it is. The place is clean and spacious as it would need to be with all our younguns! Life has been interesting since we got here. Isabela lost her front tooth and was very worried that the tooth fairy wouldn't know how to get to the beach. We told her that we would email her and let her know where we are. Who knew the tooth fairy was so technologically advanced?
This morning we went down to the beach and really enjoyed the sand and the waves. Well, most of us did! AJay was not happy due to the fact that he was up most of the night. He came back to the condo for a nap. The girls and Summie played and played. Summie even delighted other beach goers by pulling his pants down and peeing into the waves as they crashed onto the beach. I guess telling him to not pee in his pants has really paid off. Several people just stopped walking and were dying laughing. I think I got most of it on video. Watch out, Summie! Life could get embarrassing one day!
Michael and I had forgotten how much we like to swim. We have been playing in the pool with the kids. They have taken to it like little fish! Summie and Ella swim all the way from end to end with no help except for their life jacket bathing suits. Isabela is swimming underwater and jumping in. None of them have had any formal training. We have been teaching them as they go. Summie even had a dream that he was swimming and when we went into his room his legs were kicking in his sleep. More tomorrow and maybe some pictures if I can get them uploaded onto this computer!
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