Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Chronicles of North Myrtle Beach 2.0

WOW! My kids have some bigs mouths! Yesterday, an older man was getting ready to swim in the pool and Ella Raye looked at him as he was gingerly easing himself into the cold water. She loudly asked, "Are you going to swim or not?" My father in law said what she meant was either swim or cut bait! Much laughter ensued. i wasn't there or I would've probably fussed at her. Same man an hour later. He has gotten out of the pool and read a book and is going to get in again. As he gets in, Isabela,who was swimming with me, says, "You know, swimming is great exercise for OLD people." I wanted to drown right there. He laughed it off and said yep it sure is. Mortifying! like mother, like daughters.
We went to ride rides last night and I have to say the my 3 YO son is not afraid of anything! He wanted to ride the big roller coaster at Family Kingdom. He cried as Michael & I got on without him. He did ride the log flume and laughed all the way down the big hills. The other kids, sans the baby, loved the rides! I am so glad and I am praising God. A lady in front of us had extra free tickets to give away and gave them to us. 6 as a matter of fact. Just the amount that we needed. At $23.99 a piece, we immediately prayed a prayer of thanksgiving for His provision and my mother-in-law hugged the lady! Thank you, Lady, for sharing..
Summie has taken to being a pirate and is running around the condo yelling arrrgghh, piggies, with one eye shut. We have been laughing so hard! He is such a card. We are definitely thinking acting lessons for him.
Well, off to eat seafood! Yummy! I hope that I haven't gained too much weight this week! Only the scale will tell!
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