Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Chronicles of NMB 3.0

Well, our final entry(at least as far as this beach trip is concerned)! How come the week at the beach goes by so much more quickly than a week at work? However, reality can't be avoided forever.
This post also contains a peeing adventure. The girls wanted to go and play Putt Putt so off we went! We went to a place in NMB with a large airplane and helicopter. After paying a small fortune(literally) we began to play. Just a quick note, do you know it costs $9 per adult to play? Holy Cow! Anyway, so we get to about the 11th hole. It was as far away from the office as it could possibly be. Summie decides that he has to go pee and takes off to find the bathroom. He realized that he wasn't going to make it so he dropped his shorts and went in a bush near the 11th hole. All the while, his dad and grandma were laughing. I was looking around to see if anyone was watching. He finished and went on as if nothing happened. Ain't it great to be a boy? BTW, avoid the bush at the 11th hole!!!!! As for the golf, the girls tied at 54 and Michael beat me by 3 strokes! We all got holes in 1 so the evening was a success. Did I mention how expensive this night was?
We spent the morning in the pool with Summie pretending to be a cow, a dog, and a cat. I had to pretend to be a duck. He led me around with his floatie thingy and got in and out of the dot tub(hot tub). He told me matter of factly that it was hot! Thanks, Captain Obvious. I know, I know, he's only 3. I'll give him a break!
Where are the adventures of the Edgerton family taking us next? Well, we are staying in Clio tonight and tomorrow we are off to Lake Greenwood to stay with the Runks for the weekend! My kids on a boat!! What could go wrong? More to come!
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