Friday, June 5, 2009


When we decided to home school all of our children, the first question we got was, "What about socialization?" Won't your kids suffer from not being around other children their age? At first, I didn't know how to answer that question to satisfy the answers properly. I told people that my children do not lack social skills and that we felt God was calling us to do this. Then, I did some research. What do veteran home schoolers say about this issue? Is it really a problem? I found out very quickly that no, it wasn't!
Just as in any school situation, there are those who are lacking in social skills who have been home schooled. There are those in society who are lacking the same skills(serial killers, bullies, brats, etc). Sometimes in school, teachers are just trying to maintain control of the classroom and the discipline(I know this from teaching high school for 3 years). How much learning actually takes place? Trying to do this with 20-25 kids in the class is difficult. When you only have 1 or 2, the process is much easier. Sometimes, the children and the teachers have different moral standards than the parents do. So, do I really want my children to associate more with those children than they do with their own families? Not really! I know what the moral standards are in my home/class and I know where the line is drawn and I can maintain those standards.
Children are often in school for 8 hours at a time and only associate with other kids their own age and the teachers, of course. My home schoolers associate with their siblings and parents. They, often, hang out with the elderly and with teenagers during the day. This gives them different perspective on life. The ultimate socialization issue for me is that I get to choose with whom my kids associate. I cannot choose who is in their class at public school but I can in my home. Children will be thrown into the world soon enough. I just don't want mine thrown into it quite yet. Maybe that makes me over protective or naive but, I have been in the world and it is an ugly place! I didn't enjoy high school or the feelings of inferiority(whether real or perceived). I want my kids to have more confidence and greater feelings of self-worth.
Make note, I am condemning no one's choice to put your kids in public/private school but I am only defending my choice to keep mine at home. What is right for 1 family may not be right for another! This is right for mine. I love being with my kids at this time in their lives. I love seeing the wonder in their eyes when they are discovering something and I love seeing the light go on in their heads when they "get it." I did that! I taught them that! Great feeling of accomplishment for everyone involved!
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