Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Challenge #1

My minister of music challenged our choir not just to be thankful but to push our thankfulness to the limit. He asked us to come up with 100 things for which we are thankful.  I am gonna try to take that challenge in 3 parts so you aren't reading too much at one time.  I am writing all of them at the same time but publishing them separately. Here I go:
I am thankful for these things:
1. Our home
2. My salvation
3. Love of my husband
4. Psalm 139
5. My education
6. My weightloss over the past years
7. My birth parents
8. My adoptive parents
9. The ability to change
10. High heels 
11. Movies
12. Good books
13. Warm blankets
14. Easy friendships 
15. Isabela
16. Ella Raye
17. Summie
18. AJay
19. Food
20. Singing(I am not very good but I can be loud)
21. Cute boots
22. Healing from my abortion
23. My name
24. Hard times
25. My TV( just being honest)
26. Football
27. Tarheel basketball
28. Watching sports with my hubby
29. My husband
30. My job
31. Board games 
32. My in laws 
33. Chocolate
34. Being adopted 

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