Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thanksgiving Thankfulness

For the past couple of years, we have done some thankfulness posters where the kids cut out their hands and write what they are thankful for on them and put them on poster board. These are huge and I never have anywhere to display them.  This year, I went for more simplicity. Here is what you need:
1 Mason Jar per child
Colored construction paper
Brown construction paper(I used a brown paper bag)
Little hands

Trace each child's hand onto 3 different colors of construction paper 
Have them cut them out
Tape them to the back of the Mason jar
Cut a circle and a long triangle out of brown paper 
Tape the circle to the pointy top of triangle
Have the kids draw eyes and beak( my kids also drew hair and clothes but whatever)
Tape it to the front of the jar
Cut slips of paper and have them write things for which they are thankful.

We plan on reading ours on Thanksgiving day.  I will, then, tape each strip to a piece of paper and keep just the sheets with these on it. 
The kids are already talking about making reindeer, elves, and Santa out of their jars for Christmas.  I will keep you posted!
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