Saturday, May 11, 2013

Being a Mom Means......

Being a mom means different things to different people.  There is only 1 way to be a bad mom and that is to abuse your children.  But, here are some universal truths.

Being a mom means
1) No personal space.  There is always someone tugging on you or climbing on you and that can be your husband.  

2) Very little free time.  Even when you are away, you are thinking about them or planning for their meals, education, or them leaving home.  Your brain never turns off, EVER!

3) Your body is never the same.  Your bladder does not hold what it used to and can go off like fireworks with no forewarning.  Watch out for trampolines and really funny jokes.  Your belly button is not in the same location it was before you had kids.  You have these lines on your body and cellulite that someone should figure out how to market as substitutes for Jello.  Hairs grow in weird spots and don't even get me started on the teeth.

4) Your heart grows.  There is no way to explain how you can feel such love for another human being,  one who cries all night and bites your nipple and pees in your face.  Your heart must grow or humans would have gone extinct centuries ago!

5) Immortality.  All children have 1/2 their mom and 1/2 their dad in their genetics.  So some of you is left behind in some part of them.  Hopefully, it will be the sweet, kind, generous part of you!

6) Being hard on yourself.  You will constantly compare yourself to other mothers just like you compare yourself to other women.  Your family is your family.  What works for you may not work for someone else.  That being said, take advice from others.  Listen to those with experience and glean what you can from their years in the trenches.  Your mom may just be right(but don't tell her I said so).

7) Endless nights and years that fly by.  When you have a baby, all you can think, is when will I get a full night's sleep?  The nursing and diaper changes and stomach bugs seem to go on forever.  Before you know it, they are going off to college and getting married.  Time seems to stand still and fly by all at the same time.  My friend, S, says "longest nights, shortest days." So wise!

8) Heartache.  Your children are inevitably going to do something that breaks your heart. Remember the nipple biting comment?  Well, there's that. But then, they become teenagers and adults and think they can begin to make their own decisions.  They know it all! They may turn their backs on your beliefs or lifestyles.  All I can say is Pray!!!!

9) Making Tough Decisions.  Nurse or bottle? Stay at home or work? Traditional school or home school? Cloth diaper or disposable? Spank or not? Friends? Babysitters? College?  The decisions that will need to be  made are innumerable.  Every choice you make affects all other ones so tread lightly but once you make it, be confident knowing that God will see your heart and theirs.

10) Consistency.  Whatever you decide, BE CONSISTENT!  The worst thing for kids is not knowing the certainty of the future.  Kids want boundaries and discipline.  Say what you mean and mean what you say.  If kids know you won't follow through with your threats then they will begin to manipulate and "work" you.  They will become those kids that no one wants to be around and then "those" kids grow into adults.  Whining and pouting and manipulating to get their way!  Don't be those parents !  We have too many of them!

Being a mom means that you get to celebrate Mother's Day!  Whether your children are with you or have gone on to Heaven to escort you in, have a great one!  Your are THE mom!
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