Monday, September 24, 2012

My 1st Kiss

 This week I am hooking up with SITS to Fall Back into Blogging.  Head over to their site and fall back into blogging yourself.  This is the story of my 1st kiss.

One of my favorite memories of school that makes me laugh is then time I kissed Todd Epps in 1st grade.  I had a crush on him the whole year.  He wasn't interested in girls or at least this girl.  I tried all year to get him to be my boyfriend or whatever that means for 1st grade.  We would chase him all over the playground.  I would bring him pencils and giggle when he walked by.  He was a blondie and I was a brunette so already I was finding a type but he wasn't having any of it!  So one afternoon at recess, I cornered him on the blacktop and pinned him down and kissed him on the cheek.  Then, I ran away pig tails flying to my friends who were giggling like, well, like school girls.  I was so embarrassed and not that impressed by kissing so I didn't do it again until much much later! And that is the story of my 1st kiss.
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