Thursday, August 2, 2012

When Worry Won't Come...

All Smiles!   

Watching TV
After the Surgery
Sleeping it off!
What you can't hear is the silence of his breathing!
What do you do when worry won't come?  Worry is something that used to cover me like a blanket.  I would wear it until it was moldy and stinky.  But, a few years ago, God got a hold on me and taught me that I am not in control.  I wrote a short story version of my story and you can read it here.  It is in 2 parts so make sure you read both parts or you might miss what God did.  Anyway, I lay awake last night waiting for morning to come.  This would be a hard morning for us and a great morning for us.  Our son, the one for whom we prayed, would undergo surgery to remove his tonsils and adenoids.  He is not a sickly child but his throat and nasal passage were blocking his ability to breathe.  He suffered from sleep apnea and deprivation.  The doctor was sure that this would help that immensely.  He would breathe better and most likely have a growth spurt.  Once his body could put the energy into growing instead of just breathing and getting oxygen everywhere, then he might grow some.  We were mostly concerned with the stoppage of breathing when he slept.
So there I was, in the bed, listening to him struggling to breathe down the hall.  I was waiting for the enemy to come in and begin to drown me with worry.  I began to pray.  I knew that God had spoken to me during his pregnancy.  He told me not to worry that He had a plan for all my children.  God, also, said that He has BIG plans for this one.  I couldn't worry last night. 
After catnapping for about an hour, we got up and got ready and got to the hospital by 5:30 am for surgery at 7 am.  He was all smiles right up to the moment they wheeled him down the hall.  He got these great big tears in his eyes and began to look frightened.  I watched his bed until they turned a corner.  Michael and I noted the time.  7:58 am.  I spoke to God and asked Him to watch over this one that He has already saved once.  25 minutes later the doctor came back and said that he was well.  Dr. S told us that his adenoids and tonsils were so large that he didn't know how AJay was even breathing at all.  His throat and nasal passages were indeed blocked and that his little body was working so hard just to survive.  His nurse brought him out about 15 minutes later and told us that his 1st question was, "Did I do good?" "Yes, you did great!" He replied, "Good".  His 2nd question was, "Are the monsters (what he called them) in my throat all gone?"  "Yes, they are all gone."  He sighed deeply and said, "Good!  Can I have a purple Popsicle?"  And then, he fell asleep.
Today, as he has slept, he has had no heavy breathing.  No snoring!  No apnea!  A little choking due to the fact that his sinuses were never allowed to drain and they are now doing it full force!  He is not used to all the room he has back there so doesn't know what it feels like to eat normal amounts.
I praise God that the worry didn't come!  I know what to do!  Pray and praise!  Quote Scripture.  Bind the enemy!  He had no place around my baby!  Thank you all for the prayers!  You rock!  Continue to pray that he heals quickly!  I pray that God will bless you all!
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