Friday, August 3, 2012

'Fess Up Friday

Time again to confess!  I am really exhausted right now so my confessions may be all over the place.  Head over to Mamarazzi for a more coherent confessional if you so choose.

I confess that my son's face as he was wheeled away from me yesterday in the hospital was almost more than I could take.  He never cried out or screamed but he wept silent tears!  Tough!

I confess that holding on my chest for the past few days has brought back sweet memories of him sleeping on my chest in the NICU when he was only 4 lbs.

I confess that I am so glad to not hear him breathing.  He used to sound like Darth Vadar but now he breathes quietly!  His future wife will thank me someday!

I confess that my hubby actually agreed with me that we need to challenge each other to do Insanity.  Now, I just need to get that in writing!

I confess that the Olympics has me all riled up!  I love watching our young people compete.  USA USA USA!

I confess that I am glad that I have started the kids back to school!  Truth be told, they were getting a little bored!  All of my students are doing so well!

That's it for now!  Have a great weekend!  Check out my post from yesterday if you want to see what went on with AJay's surgery!
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